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General FAQ

How much does it cost to list on

If you are one of the first storage facilities to list in the new market, your introductory rate can be as low as $10 a month for the life of your listing.  As long as you stay active and current, your rate will remain lock.  For a year, it would be $120.  It breaks down to as low as .33 cents a day.  If you are listing on Google Adwords, this will be another very inexpensive way to get yourself listing and be found organically on Google search results.

What is doing to get found on Google? is constantly optimizing the directory site to be found on Google organically.  We are finding ways to be ranked on more keywords or phrases for the main site.  If the main site is ranked, the storage facilities benefit because potential storage renters will be able to start their storage search on our site.  If your storage facility has an active listing, potential storage renters will see all the benefits you offer, see the storage units you have available, and able to contact your facility through phone or contact form.

I have a website already. Why should I list on

Think of your website like a business card in the good old days.  When you hand out the business card to potential renters, they will remember you and keep your card in case they need you in the future.  Your storage facility website is something your business need in today online presence.  A listing on simple expands your online presence and footprint with little additional costs to your budget.  Think of as another way for potential storage renters to find you online.  By listing on, when a storage renter search for storage rentals online, your website will come, if you advertise on Google Adwords, another link to your website, and if you list on, you have another link to your website information.  Your storage facility can potentially have several ways of being found and potential storage renters coming to you for storage units because your online presence has good exposure.

How does listing on help my storage facility?

Listing your storage facility on, you can be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.  When potential storage renters type in phrases like "self storage + city" or "self storage near me", your storage facility listing will come up within our storage directory.

What do active listing includes?

When you become a member and activate a listing, your listing will includes pertinent information about your storage facility and available units you want to offer online to potential storage renters where they can have a good idea of what your storage facility has to offer such as:  address, phone, email address, link to your main website, social media, office hours, access hours, payment methods, storage features, storage amenities (ex:  heated storage, RV storage, boat storage, etc.), photos, online storage unit available, map to your location, and coupon special and online tracking.

Do I have to list all my units on

No. You control and can choose which storage units you want to make available for potential storage renters to see.  You can add, edit, delete the storage units as many times as you like.  You control your listing.

How do potential storage renters find my storage facility listing?

Potential storage renters when they come to, they can find you by searching by:  keywords, address, city, state or zip code.  We offer two types of searches where the storage renters can search for your listing.  They can switch between the search function depending on what information they know about where they want to rent their storage units.

What do I need to do to get my listing active on

Clicko on Advertise You Facility, enter your information.  One of our dedicated account executives will reach out to you to get you started.  Your listing will be activated with your login credential.  Once you login, you can control all aspects of your listing down to the color that you want.  If you need help adding your listing, one of our dedicated support member will be more than happy to help set anything up that you are having problems with.  We will also walk you through the various setup sections to give you a better understand of where everything is.  Once you get comfortable, its like riding a bike again.  You will be an expert in no time.

How do I know if someone reserves a unit through

If a potential storage renter reserve a unit, they will fill a form out.  The form will be sent to the email that is setup on your account.  Just inform your storage manager or property manager that your storage facility signed up with and if any email comes in from our site, they know it is a potential storage lead and to make sure to call the storage renter back in time so you don't lose the lead.

Do I pay per lead with

No. Once you sign up and lock into your monthly rate, all leads that come are yours. You don't pay us anything else except your monthly rate.

What management systems does integrate with?

Currently, we are not tied to any management systems.  We are working in the foreseeable future to partner with eDomico, SiteLink, and other major storage management system vendors.

How will bill me for my active listing?

When you sign up for an active listing with, we will set you up as a subscriber where each month the monthly amount is taking out automatically with a credit card that is tied to your account.  If your payment is rejected for any reasons, your active listing will be deactivated and you will go back to a non-active listing.

What is cancellation policy?

Your membership with is month to month.  We do not lock you into a long term contract.  There are no cancellation fees.  Just make sure to call your account executive assigned to your account if you want to cancel.  We will make sure to take take your active listing down as requested and stop any automatic payment as needed.

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