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Ace The Storage Game With Our Self-Storage Tips!

When getting a storage unit for the first time, make sure that you rent the right size for your needs. Know whether you want an air conditioned unit and how you can better pack for a more efficient use of the storage unit. Need more helpful tips? Get in touch with us to learn more.

Choose The Right Location.
When finding a storage unit to store your things until you find a new home or needing some extra storage space, consider the storage facility location, distant you are willing to travel to your storage unit, and prices.  All these factors will really help you in finding the perfect storage unit to store your things whether temporary or on-going.

Know the storage facility security and safety features.
Ask the storage manager about access times to your storage unit after hours.  Inquired about what safety features the facility has in placed to protect yourself and things while you are there such as security cameras, motion dectectors, and security monitoring.

Inquire about discounts.
Many storage facilities provide seniors, military or student discounts.  A lot also offers dicounted rates if you pay in advance rather than month-to-month.  Ask your storage manager what discount is available at time of inquiry or renting.

Read Your Self Storage Agreement.
Ask the storage manager at time of contract signing all administrative fees, penalties, and other clauses that you should be aware of.  This way you understand the policies and guidelines established by that facility and will not get any unexpected surprises when time comes to make your monthly payment or when you move-out. 

Do I need storage insurance?
Ask if your current insurance already protects your things (car or home insurance) if you are required to have insurance before renting a storage unit.  By contacting your insurance companies in advance, it can save you time and hassle when the time comes to renting your storage unit.

Know what storage unit size you need.
When finding a storage unit to store all your things, you want to make sure you have the right amount of storage space needed to store all your things.  Talk with a storage manager who is very knowledgable and can get you in the right storage unit.

Store only things you want to keep.
During a move is the perfect time to really downsize and see what you really want and don't want.  Because packing and moving things around and into a storage unit can be a hassle, the less you have to pack and store, the better.  Take this opportuniity to do some spring cleaning and get a new start!

Store your thing accordingly inside your storage unit.  Make it easy to access when you need it.
When loading your things inside your storage unit, place items you need the least access to in the back and he most frequently access items towards the front.  By loading your items accordingly, you make your life easier when you have to access your self-storage unit.

Buying boxes and moving supplies.
Buy quality moving boxes.  Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap before placing them in your storage unit.

Label, label, label.
When you are trying to look for something, it will be nice to know where to locate it.  When storing things in your storage unit, make sure to be as descriptive as possible on the outside of the box!  If you label what is inside the box, it will make your life easier when time comes to finding that item you need in a hurry without having to open everything.  Safe yourself the time and headaches.  Do it correctly the first time.

Picking the right time to move into a storage unit.
The busiest time to move for almost everyone is end of the month.  Try to pick a week that might be slow so that you are not fighting with having to find a rental truck or waiting for other people moving during the same time as you.  This will definitely give you less stress and headaches.

Choosing a moving company to help with your move.
Find a mover that fits your budget.  Make sure theyare licensed, bonded, and insured.  You should always set terms and conditions in advance so that you don't get any unexpected suprised.

Prohibited items that should not be stored.
Do not store toxins or flammables. These include paint, oil, or gasoline.

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