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Safe and Convenient Boat Storage Units

Do you need a secure and well-situated location to dry-dock your boat? We offer boat storage units and ensure that it is kept safe from the elements of nature as well as any itchy hands looking for it. Our storage solutions are affordable, secure and give you quick access to your belongings as and when the need be.

Most boat can be stored in an outdoor parking space.  Make sure to measure the length and height of the boat (while on the trailer) to ensure that the required space is large enough.
If you are looking to store your boat in an enclosed storage unit, make sure the height of the boat while on the trailer can clear seven feet (the general door height). We recommend a 10 × 15 unit as the minimum. You can also explore a 10 x 20 or 10 x 30 unit size.  Most storage units have a ceiling height of eight to ten feet.

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