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Climate Controlled Storage for Family, Students, and Business Owners!

Store Your Items the Right way in Climate Controlled Storage
When looking for a self-storage facility, one of the first decisions that customers need to make is whether they need a climate controlled storage unit. Beyond just keeping your belongings secure, you may also need to have a climate controlled unit for additional protection from heat, cold, extreme humidity or even dryness. Nearly every climate has weather conditions that could cause damage without climate control. In the southeast, northeast and Midwest, summer time humidity can be a big issue for items in storage. In desert climates, the summer heat can take a toll on some more sensitive items. The deep freeze of winter in most of the country can also be a consideration.

What Is Climate Controlled Storage?
Climate Controlled storage facilities are increasingly popular with all types of storage customers because they provide and added level of protection from the weather conditions that could cause damage. If you’re going to the effort of putting your belongings into a storage facility, you want to ensure that they will be protected. Based on the area, climate controlled facilities typically include air conditioning and heating for temperature control and well as regulation of humidity levels. While more and more storage facilities offer climate control, demand for these units is always very high. When researching the storage options in your area, be sure to ask if the facility offers climate controlled areas. You may also want to compare the costs between units that are climate controlled and those that aren’t. While climate controlled storage can be more expensive, most customers find that the cost difference is worth it for the peace of mind. Climate controlled units may also help to keep unwanted pests out of your unit, and can also prevent damage from mold or corrosion.

What Items Need to be Stored in Climate Controlled Facilities?
Whether you need climate controlled storage depends on the kinds of things you need to store as well as how long you need to store them. Whereas some items can be safely stored in standard storage for a few weeks, any fabrics, including furniture, musical instruments, antiques or heirlooms, technical equipment or sensitive devices should be stored in a climate controlled unit for any substantial length of time. In some cases, improper storage of items could nullify any manufacturers warranties or insurance policies that you might have on your items.

The following checklist may be helpful when deciding whether you need climate controlled storage:

• What types of items are you planning to store? Any sensitive or delicate items should definitely be in a climate controlled unit, but many other items might require additional protection from climate extremes.
• When are you planning to store your items? If you only need storage during a single season when weather is generally mild, you may not need climate control. However, if you’re planning to rent storage for several seasons or year-round, almost every area of the country has times of the year when extreme conditions could cause damage.
• Where is your storage unit? Do you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods or prone to extreme heat above 90 – 100 degrees? It’s important to remember that temperatures within uncontrolled buildings can be even more extreme than the weather outside. It might take several days of extreme cold or heat for the temperature in a storage unit to reach the point where items can be damaged, but it can also take several days for the indoor temperatures to level off after extreme weather has passed.

In most cases, if you have questions about whether you need climate controlled storage, you’re better to be safe than sorry and find a storage facility where your items will be fully protected.

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